My Time on the Tyne in Photos

Yesterday, as anyone who follows me on Twitter will be aware, I went out to Newcastle for the day. I have photographed the Tyne before but with its many bridges and striking architecture it’s the kind of place that can be photographed again and again in different lights and seasons.

Gratefully yesterday I had @SteveJames_Igor in tow, a Newcastle native who was able to give me insider tips on where to get the best shots. He also gave me a lot of cheek but being raised in the North I held my own all right.

The bridges of the Tyne stacked up.

The building exterior above Waterstones of Newcastle

Corridors the Castle Keep of Newcastle

A View From the Keep Sage, Tyne Bridge et al

Close up view from The Keep top

A view across Newcastle from The Keep top

A view of the railway bridge from The Keep top

The Tyne Bridge framed by the Millennium Bridge in Newcastle

More bridge-stacking on the Tyne

The Tyne Bridge from inside the Sage building.

Millennium Bridge and the Baltic in the background