Elevator 13: Chapter One

One of the many great things about Twitter is that it puts you in touch with people who have the same interests, consequently I know quite a few writers. One of them, @jonathanhatfull, has requested that I post this story I wrote when I was 12/13.

There are only two chapters. The first can be read below, the second I will post tomorrow. I tapped it out back in 1995 on my auntie’s Amstrad because we didn’t have a computer. I think the mystery of why I never had a boyfriend growing up has been solved in reading these papers; this seems to be the product of a mind that has watched far too much Eerie Indiana and read far too much Roald Dahl. If either is, in fact, possible.

P.S. I think I took a LOT of the character names from Home and Away and Neighbours.