Photoblog: In memory of my grandparents

My Grandma Jean as a bridesmaid in the 1930s

Grandma died 17 years ago today. I get my dark sense of humour from her; it was pretty impossible not to laugh when she did. The little things I miss are her Lavender perfumes, her addiction to Refreshers [she always had a packet in her handbag] and her Yorkshire puddings – Aunt Bessie could only dream of making them that tasty.

Grandad Richard, Dick to his friends, during WW2.

Grandad gave this photo to Grandma, I assume, during his service in the Second World War. He lived well beyond my Grandmother and died just last year at the age of 94.

Although they are both gone now I consider myself very lucky to have had such loving and free-spirited grandparents. There was never any doubt that they both thought the world of me and my two sisters. One day, I hope to see them both again and hopefully, finally, beat Grandad at whist.