This is a Low


You skim flat pebbles, disturbing

thoughts once stowed beneath smooth waters.

Under a slippery rock,

a Minnow loiters

like the grudging, silver

silence still left over from last night.

Ducks squabble over nothing

in the static air of dusk

a smudged sun of orange chalk sinks;

the blurry doodle of a dreamy child

submerged in the lake, disolving

all that remains

of Tuesday.


Similar to the previously published poem Fishing this poem uses enjambment, many of the lines bleed into the next and offer multiple interpretations. It’s a shorter poem so every word carries more weight and meaning. Again the ideas in this poem are based on issues within a difficult relationship; unfortunately it tends to be the negative end of the emotional spectrum that most frequently inspires me to write – bet you guys can’t wait to read my novel now! Still, for the next poem I promise to change tack slightly. To promise something upbeat, however, would probably be promising too much.