Ghost Signage of Fulham

Daily Telegraph Ghost Sign, Fulham.

Today I managed to get out on the bus for an hour with a book and my camera. I’ve never been to Fulham but had a suspicion, due to the age of the buildings, that it was likely to be rich with ghost signs. I was right, it was pretty much like hitting the ghost sign jackpot. My favourite is the advert for quality prints because the writing is so clear, which is very rare with this kind of signage. That said, I am super-intrigued about what was served at the Kit Kat dining rooms. Given that you can’t get over my parents’ threshold without our Mam pushing a Kit Kat into your clammy mitts (Mrs Doyle style) I always kind of thought that if Kit Kats were to be served on a silver platter anywhere, it would be back home. Anyway. Food for thought.

Daily Telegraph Ghost Sign, Fulham.

Brymay matches Ghost Sign, Fulham.

Close up on Brymay matches Ghost Sign, Fulham.

S.G. Purkiss Ghost Sign, Fullham.

Close up of S.G. Purkiss Ghost Sign, Fulham.

Kit Kat Dining Rooms Ghost Sign, Fulham.