Issue 8 of New Empress Magazine – A Sneak Peek Inside


Issue 8 of New Empress Magazine is now out to readers and subscribers and it’s undoubtedly our best issue to-date. It is the Ghost of Movie’s Past issue and thus contains elements of cinema that have been lost, forgotten or simply keep coming back to haunt us. Educate yourself on River Pheonix’s last rise in Dark Blood. Find out who Roald Dahl’s Gremlins were and learn more about lost, VHS-only film classics that are reason enough in themselves to shell out for a video player at your local car boot sale.

There are also a range of topical features and a whole section dedicated to lost films. If you want to subscribe simply click here. January subscribers get a free DVD with their subscription, though I feel obliged to warn you that one of those DVDs is Glitter.

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