Art Deco Tour, Bloomsbury

art deco tour bloomsbury

This afternoon I had the pleasure of taking Yanick Pucci’s Art Deco walking tour through Bloomsbury. The collage above illustrates just a few of the beautiful Art Deco details on display in the Bloomsbury area and the friendly nature of the tour affords walkers the opportunity to ask plenty of questions. Yannick deserves special credit for putting up with my Easter-egg-fueled banter (which was mostly at his at expense) for the duration but also for exploring a less-obvious aspect of Bloomsbury’s heritage.

Though the tour is indisputably well-researched, carefully planned and informative, its most pleasing aspect is that the buildings on this tour are not the most-recognised examples of London Art Deco. Instead, Yannick has chosen to include buildings that would otherwise be overlooked and forgotten; they are just as interesting as well-known Art Deco beauties like the Hoover Building but due to the heady speed at which people bustle by in the Bloomsbury area, without Yannick’s tour these buildings would be nothing more than bystanders ignored by commuters and tourists alike.

If you’ve a vague interest in architecture I recommend booking onto one of Yannick’s future Art Deco tours.