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Postcards from Fitzrovia, Full Colour

Last week I posted some black and white postcards from Fitzrovia, here are a few colour shots. I think the above snap of the BT Tower is my favourite. I hadn’t thought to… Continue reading

Postcards From Fitzrovia Black and White

When I’m not in Yorkshire, I spend all the spare time I can in Fitzrovia – the first neighbourhood I lived in when I came to London. Here are some black and white… Continue reading

Mind Mapping Fitzrovia

Inspired largely by the works seen in Mapping Manhattan, I recently decided to map the area I lived in when I first came to London: Fitzrovia. It’s my first attempt at cartography, which… Continue reading

Postcards from Fitzrovia

Yesterday I traipsed round Fitzrovia in the rain for a writing project I’m working on. I used to live just north of the area on Hampstead Road but barely explored it as I… Continue reading