The Speaker


I am a qualified teacher and lecturer and am available to speak or lead workshops on the following range of subjects:

Film History

Who invented cinema? How did modern-day filmmakers develop their techniques? Who were the forgotten heroes of the Silent and Golden Era of cinema? When speaking about film history I always address these issues but am also happy to focus on particular eras or genres as appropriate.

Creative Writing

Writing creative texts doesn’t have to be a slog and writer’s block doesn’t have to thwart your plans. When speaking about Creative Writing I offer the audience a range of ways into their characters and possible plot situations and demonstrate how to polish final drafts. 

What Nobody Tells You About Writing

Blogging and self-publishing have very much altered the publishing landscape in the last ten years or so. What Nobody Tells You About Writing answers questions such as: how do you become a writer? Should I self-publish? How do I sell myself to a publisher? How do I prioritise projects? I also cover top editor hates and try to reassure the audiences that not all editors are hideous monsters. Which is fun.

Gender and Literature

I specialised in Gender during my Masters in Literature and Creative Writing. Texts from Lady Audley’s Secret to Buffy the Vampire Slayer are explored and deconstructed. I also offer insight on how to analyse texts from a gender perspective and advise on what other perspectives one might use when looking at a range of texts.

Ghost Signs of Great Britain

Research for my current book, Fading Ads of London has gifted me with a wealth of information on fading signs, known as ghost signs, across the UK. When contracted to give such speeches I define ghost signs, explain their origin and era and look at some key brands and businesses that used them.

If you would like to book me for a seminar or workshop please send an email to helenography at