Bridges of the Tees

Newport Bridge, Tees River.


Today I walked the river Tees, visiting all of the bridges between Yarm and Middlesbrough. I tweeted these updates as I travelled so you can follow my journey.

  1. Helenography
    Mam seemed a little confused by my Tees bridge quest but I paid her no heed and am now on the train to Yarm. #TeesLiveTweet
    Wed, Aug 15 2012 01:49:30
  2. Helenography
    The first two bridges are Yarm Viaduct and Yarm Masonry Bridge. The latter is rock hard to pinpoint on Google Maps. #TeesLiveTweet
    Wed, Aug 15 2012 01:57:33
  3. Helenography
    My phone is no kind of smart so I am relying on some hastily scribbled directions to hold my bridge quest together. #TeesLiveTweet
    Wed, Aug 15 2012 02:01:01
  4. Helenography
    It’s a bit of a trek between the station & the town but to Yarm Council’s credit they have signposted the walk well. #TeesLiveTweet
    Wed, Aug 15 2012 02:34:54
  5. Helenography
    Had to make a stop at Cooplands for a breakfast roll and a diet coke. #TeesLiveTweet
    Wed, Aug 15 2012 03:00:47
  6. Helenography
    Bridge number one found. Yarm Viaduct. She is a beauty! #TeesLiveTweet
    Wed, Aug 15 2012 03:22:23
  7. Helenography
    Also found the Masonry bridge right next to the Viaduct. Nowhere near where google maps said it would be. #TeesLiveTweet
    Wed, Aug 15 2012 03:51:45
  8. Helenography
    Until twenty seconds ago I didn’t even know Preston-on-Tees was a place… #TeesLiveTweet
    Wed, Aug 15 2012 04:20:11
  9. Helenography
    Found Jubilee Bridge and another unidentified bridge. #TeesLiveTweet
    Wed, Aug 15 2012 05:17:30
  10. Helenography
    It is still 3 miles to Stockton following the river. Glad this is a one-way quest. #TeesLiveTweet
    Wed, Aug 15 2012 05:19:19
  11. Helenography
    Found both the Surtees bridges and the Tees Rail Bridges. 8 bridges left to go. #TeesLiveTweet
    Wed, Aug 15 2012 06:17:27
  12. Helenography
    No idea how far I have walked. Yarm station to Eaglescliffe station to The Infinity Bridge along the river. #TeesLiveTweet
    Wed, Aug 15 2012 07:08:24
  13. Helenography
    Three bridges left. Billingham Branch, Newport and @teestransporter. #TeesLiveTweet
    Wed, Aug 15 2012 08:34:34
  14. Helenography
    One bridge to go. The Tees Transporter. Then I think I have earnt a sit down. #TeesLiveTweet
    Wed, Aug 15 2012 09:05:02
  15. Helenography
    Sitting on the Port Clarence side of the Tees Transporter taking photos. The perfect end to an ambitious day. #TeesLiveTweet
    Wed, Aug 15 2012 10:14:35
  16. Helenography
    Mam sounded a bit unnerved about the fact that I’d walked from Yarm to Boro. I might cop it when I get home. #TeesLiveTweet
    Wed, Aug 15 2012 10:46:41
  17. Helenography
    #nowtrialing a Wetherspoons parmo whilst waiting for my train. #TeesLiveTweet
    Wed, Aug 15 2012 10:54:46