Bridges on the Tees, a Photoblog

Yarm Viaduct

Today I walked along the Tees river and photographed all of the bridges from Yarm northward. I ended up walking around sixteen miles in total, so my ankles are sore but I feel like I know the river and the bridges a lot better now. Very important for any self-respecting bridge-geek. To see a catalogue of my Tweets from the journey click here. I’ve published some select photos from the day below. All of the bridges are beautiful and interesting in their own way but The Tees Transporter is still, hands down, my fave. The leaflet I used to inform my bridge quest can be found here.

Yarm Viaduct and Masonry Bridge

Tees Rail Bridges.

Victoria Bridge, Tees River.

The Infinity Bridge, River Tees.

The Infinity Bridge, Tees river.

Tees Barrage Bridge

A19 Viaduct, Tees river.

Newport Bridge, River Tees.

Newport Bridge, river Tees.

The Tees Transporter Bridge, Port Clarence.

The Tees Transporter Bridge, Gondola in motion.

Tees Transporter as the clouds close in.