Postcards From Berlin

Last weekend I went away for a weekend to Berlin. I’ve been there before, but was surprised at how many more vibrant, offbeat and deliciously unique surprises the city had in store for me. Below are a smattering of the photographs I took over the course of the two days, the most thought-provoking sojourn was definitely our walk out to the Bösebrücke on Bornholmer Straße. The bridge was a key border crossing and the night the Berlin wall fell (9th November 1989) thousands of Berlin’s residents from east and west crowded over the walkway.

Whenever I read about the Berlin wall and all it represented, I have to concentrate really hard on the fact that it is reality; fact. I have to constantly  remind myself that it isn’t some deconstructive work of fiction; that free-thinking citizens lived very literally next door to what might be best described as a Police State. Something about this almost ludicrous juxtaposition sends me reeling every time I think about it.