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Faded Signs of Middlesbrough

In addition to the Pouf ghost sign and the Esso ghost sign I’ve previously posted on this blog here are some other faded signs I’ve found around the Boro. It’s been at least… Continue reading

Esso Ghost Sign, Middlesbrough

When I was in Middlesbrough the other day I stumbled across a range of ghost signs, some of which I’ll be sharing through my mailing list in the coming weeks. One of the… Continue reading

Pouf Insect Killer Ghost Sign, North Ormesby

Although my next book is about London ghost signs I seem to be developing some kind of spider sense when I go anywhere else, as I stumbled across a range of ghost signs… Continue reading

Ghost Signs of Leeds

I had a couple of hours in Leeds the other week and found this ghost sign on the end of a row of houses I used to live on. Little did I know… Continue reading

My Next Book: Fading Ads of London

After the success of my first non-fiction book: True Love is Like the Loch Ness Monster, I decided that for my next project I wanted a different challenge. As many of you know… Continue reading

Ghost signs of Stoke Newington

My weekend travels took me to Stoke Newington and as yet I don’t think I’ve found any part of London that’s as rich in ghost signage. Most ghost signage in London that we… Continue reading

Ghost Signs of Camden

I discovered this Ghost Sign a while back but (by some freak accident) didn’t have my camera on me at the time to photograph it. Camden has quite a complicated history in terms… Continue reading

Ghost Signs of Acton

Whilst out and about yesterday for Open House weekend I stumbled across a lot of Ghost Signage. Both of the examples photographed in this post were found around the Acton Central area. I… Continue reading

Ghost Signage of Fulham

Today I managed to get out on the bus for an hour with a book and my camera. I’ve never been to Fulham but had a suspicion, due to the age of the… Continue reading