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Postcards from Fitzrovia

Yesterday I traipsed round Fitzrovia in the rain for a writing project I’m working on. I used to live just north of the area on Hampstead Road but barely explored it as I… Continue reading

My Next Book: Fading Ads of London

After the success of my first non-fiction book: True Love is Like the Loch Ness Monster, I decided that for my next project I wanted a different challenge. As many of you know… Continue reading

Barnes Bridge

As it was my birthday last Sunday I could legitimately drag Manfriend out to a bridge to take photographs, I pitched the excursion as a ‘special treat’. Not wanting to go too far… Continue reading

Photoblog: Carreras Cigarette Factory

I’d like to pretend that this is original 1930s detailing but actually the original Egyptian features of the Carreras Cigarette Factory in Camden were lost in the 1960s when the building was converted… Continue reading

Ghost signs of Stoke Newington

My weekend travels took me to Stoke Newington and as yet I don’t think I’ve found any part of London that’s as rich in ghost signage. Most ghost signage in London that we… Continue reading

Ghost Signs of Acton

Whilst out and about yesterday for Open House weekend I stumbled across a lot of Ghost Signage. Both of the examples photographed in this post were found around the Acton Central area. I… Continue reading

The Grosvenor Cinema, Rayners Lane

Yesterday was the first day of Open House weekend – a weekend every year where the most beautiful private buildings are opened to the public for free – so naturally I was out… Continue reading

Ghost Signs of Vauxhall

It had been a bit of a long day at work so I decided to to take a short after hours train ride to Vauxhall. I find the collage of architecture there really… Continue reading

Ghost Signage of Fulham

Today I managed to get out on the bus for an hour with a book and my camera. I’ve never been to Fulham but had a suspicion, due to the age of the… Continue reading

The Olympics 2012 in Street Art

Today I had the privilege of taking some of my students to the Paralympic games. It was truly inspiring and in many ways overwhelming, but the street artists of Shoreditch and Old Street,… Continue reading