Bridges of the Tees

  Today I walked the river Tees, visiting all of the bridges between Yarm and Middlesbrough. I tweeted these updates as I travelled so you can follow my journey.

The Hoover Building, a photoblog

Being a complete Art Deco junkie I hauled my cookies, and my camera, out to the middle of nowhere in order to photograph The Hoover Building. It’s in an area in West London… Continue reading

Photoblog: Black and White Industry, London

A few weeks ago I went for a wander through the city of London (as opposed to Westminster) and took a few photos of the developments there. I am a little bit in… Continue reading

Photoblog: The Carlton Cinema, Essex Road

Yesterday when I was out in East London for the day I took the time to photograph one of the area’s forgotten treasures: The Carlton Cinema, Essex Road. The cinema has long since… Continue reading

Sally’s Legs

Sally’s Legs Sally’s legs are long                           firm clenched cobras coiling your boyish                … Continue reading

This is a Low

Low You skim flat pebbles, disturbing thoughts once stowed beneath smooth waters. Under a slippery rock, a Minnow loiters like the grudging, silver silence still left over from last night. Ducks squabble over nothing… Continue reading

Photoblog: Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol

Anyone who even casually reads this blog will know I’m a massive bridge geek. Today, whilst in Bristol I photographed Clifton Suspension Bridge. As you can see it’s quite a beauty, not quite… Continue reading

Photoblog: In memory of my grandparents

Grandma died 17 years ago today. I get my dark sense of humour from her; it was pretty impossible not to laugh when she did.

Poetry Blog: An Exercise in Enjambment

Fishing I still comb every crowd for those pale jade eyes I love you, walking through a door one of the many I left open, just in case a memory stirs me, a… Continue reading

Elevator 13: Chapter One

One of the many great things about Twitter is that it puts you in touch with people who have the same interests, consequently I know quite a few writers. One of them, @jonathanhatfull,… Continue reading