Zodiac Record Dealers, Wandsworth Town

Much more upsetting than the decline of HMV is the shutting of shops such as this one. Its signage still remains just off Wandsworth High Street but its windows are shuttered and withdrawn.

Esso Ghost Sign, Middlesbrough

When I was in Middlesbrough the other day I stumbled across a range of ghost signs, some of which I’ll be sharing through my mailing list in the coming weeks. One of the… Continue reading

Postcards from LS1

I went on a walk around Leeds today, there are a surprising number of paths you can take into, out of and around the city. I was mainly around the waterfront. Here are… Continue reading

Postcards from TS1

Today I went on a psychogeographical wander around Middlesbrough for a chapter in a book I’m working on. I’m not ready to release details yet but towards the end of the year all… Continue reading

Pouf Insect Killer Ghost Sign, North Ormesby

Although my next book is about London ghost signs I seem to be developing some kind of spider sense when I go anywhere else, as I stumbled across a range of ghost signs… Continue reading

Victor Talking Machine Mosaic, Carteret Street

On my way to a teaching conference near St James’s Park today I happened to spot this beautiful mosaic advertisement down a side-street, Carteret Street to be exact.

Postcards from E8 and beyond

Yesterday I was roaming the Hackney Road area looking for ghost signs but, regardless of my mission, I’m such a tireless photographer I have to snap anything else of interest along the way.… Continue reading

Reeves & Sons Mosaic Signs, Dalston

Although my next book is on hand-painted signs around London, I often come across some beautiful mosaic and tile signage on my travels. This one, just across the road from Dalston Junction station, is a… Continue reading

Issue 8 of New Empress Magazine – A Sneak Peek Inside

Issue 8 of New Empress Magazine is now out to readers and subscribers and it’s undoubtedly our best issue to-date. It is the Ghost of Movie’s Past issue and thus contains elements of cinema… Continue reading

Ghost Signs of Leeds

I had a couple of hours in Leeds the other week and found this ghost sign on the end of a row of houses I used to live on. Little did I know… Continue reading