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Postcards from E8 and beyond

Yesterday I was roaming the Hackney Road area looking for ghost signs but, regardless of my mission, I’m such a tireless photographer I have to snap anything else of interest along the way.… Continue reading

Postcards From Berlin

Last weekend I went away for a weekend to Berlin. I’ve been there before, but was surprised at how many more vibrant, offbeat and deliciously unique surprises the city had in store for… Continue reading

Photoblog: Carreras Cigarette Factory

I’d like to pretend that this is original 1930s detailing but actually the original Egyptian features of the Carreras Cigarette Factory in Camden were lost in the 1960s when the building was converted… Continue reading

Ghost Signs of Vauxhall

It had been a bit of a long day at work so I decided to to take a short after hours train ride to Vauxhall. I find the collage of architecture there really… Continue reading

Whiteleys, London

Whilst wandering around west London the other day I happened across Whiteleys shopping mall. It dates back to the Victorian era but I’d never been inside. Whilst I was there I took a… Continue reading

Photoblog: The Carlton Cinema, Essex Road

Yesterday when I was out in East London for the day I took the time to photograph one of the area’s forgotten treasures: The Carlton Cinema, Essex Road. The cinema has long since… Continue reading

Cranes and boats and trains: my day at the Docklands

I’m not sure what it is about the geometric lines of cranes, the billowing of chimney smoke or the hard hemming of iron fences but, at least as far as I’m concerned, there… Continue reading

Paris Je T’aime: My day and night in the city of lights

My alarm sounded at 4:15am. The alarm on my phone plays a very bizarre, somewhat discordant song that sounds as though it was once the theme tune to a tragic 1980’s game show… Continue reading