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Postcards from Malton, North Yorkshire

Today I had a roam around Malton. It was a beautiful, crisp December day and most of the shops were still closed so it was a very peaceful walk. Below are a few… Continue reading

Spa Bandstand, Scarborough

Today, as the weather was bright, I tripped out to Scarborough for a few hours. Whilst I was there I took the time to photograph this classic building that stands proud of the… Continue reading

Ruswarp to Whitby, Bridges on the Esk

Yesterday I walked from Ruswarp to Whitby in order to photograph the various viaducts and bridges in between, obviously when I got to the coast my treat was the usual sausage, chips and… Continue reading

Bridges of the Tees

  Today I walked the river Tees, visiting all of the bridges between Yarm and Middlesbrough. I tweeted these updates as I travelled so you can follow my journey.

Holgate Windmill: A Photoblog

Anyone who has read my Windmill Hunting post, or understands me to be a bit zany, will know that I am cuckoo about windmills. Imagine my delight, then, when I learn from an… Continue reading

The Girl on the Bridge: Lendal Bridge, York

Thomas Page designed this bridge. He was a 19th century civil engineer with a penchant for Gothic architecture and in addition to designing the Lendal and Skeldergate bridges of York he also worked… Continue reading

Postcards from Byland Abbey

This is my Teesside: ‘5 Reasons to Up The Boro!’

The majority of people I know view the smoky haze of Middlesbrough with deep disdain. Probably because these days the majority of people I meet are Southerners. They diss Middlesbrough based on whatever… Continue reading