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Issue 8 of New Empress Magazine – A Sneak Peek Inside

Issue 8 of New Empress Magazine is now out to readers and subscribers and it’s undoubtedly our best issue to-date. It is the Ghost of Movie’s Past issue and thus contains¬†elements of cinema… Continue reading

(Subseviant and Simpering?) Sister Suffragette!

As a child I always remember feeling quite empowered when I watched Mary Poppins. I heartedly admired, and embarrassingly enough often mimicked, Mrs Banks prancing around the living room in Edwardian dress singing… Continue reading

True Romance Isn’t Dead: Lessons in Love in 2010

I have over time, collected my fair share of disgruntled, single friends who have seemingly spent the last ten years going on date after date with emotionally stunted ne’er-do-wells. What have I been… Continue reading

Come Hither Cartoons: My search for the sexiest sketch

Recently I caught the tail-end (no pun intended) of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” -the film that secured all of those stunning BT adverts for Bob Hoskins. I’d forgotten just how much of a… Continue reading

Paris Je T’aime: My day and night in the city of lights

My alarm sounded at 4:15am. The alarm on my phone plays a very bizarre, somewhat discordant song that sounds as though it was once the theme tune to a tragic 1980’s game show… Continue reading