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The Millennium Bridge, Gateshead.

When up in Newcastle for a wedding a couple of weeks ago, we stayed pretty much next door to the Gateshead Millennium Bridge on the Gateshead side of the Tyne. It’s the world’s… Continue reading

Postcards from TS1

Today I went on a psychogeographical wander around Middlesbrough for a chapter in a book I’m working on. I’m not ready to release details yet but towards the end of the year all… Continue reading

Pouf Insect Killer Ghost Sign, North Ormesby

Although my next book is about London ghost signs I seem to be developing some kind of spider sense when I go anywhere else, as I stumbled across a range of ghost signs… Continue reading

My Time on the Tyne in Photos

Yesterday, as anyone who follows me on Twitter will be aware, I went out to Newcastle for the day. I have photographed the Tyne before but with its many bridges and striking architecture… Continue reading

The Tees Transporter Bridge: The Blue Diamond of Ironopolis

Although I was brought up in North Yorkshire I had almost finished my less-than-sober stint at the University of Teesside before first venturing ‘over the border’. My Grandad had always warned me not… Continue reading

This is my Teesside: ‘5 Reasons to Up The Boro!’

The majority of people I know view the smoky haze of Middlesbrough with deep disdain. Probably because these days the majority of people I meet are Southerners. They diss Middlesbrough based on whatever… Continue reading