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The Spontaneous Prose Store, Brick Lane

When I was walking along Brick Lane the other day I stumbled across the lady above, set up in the street, tapping away on her typewriter. She was like some bohemian mirage I… Continue reading

Whiteleys, London

Whilst wandering around west London the other day I happened across Whiteleys shopping mall. It dates back to the Victorian era but I’d never been inside. Whilst I was there I took a… Continue reading

Queens Cinema, Westbourne Park London

Today I walked a part of London I rarely do – Westbourne Park – and stumbled across this old Art Deco cinema. I had brought my camera for just such an occasion. Five… Continue reading

Photoblog: Black and White Industry, London

A few weeks ago I went for a wander through the city of London (as opposed to Westminster) and took a few photos of the developments there. I am a little bit in… Continue reading

Photoblog: The Carlton Cinema, Essex Road

Yesterday when I was out in East London for the day I took the time to photograph one of the area’s forgotten treasures: The Carlton Cinema, Essex Road. The cinema has long since… Continue reading

The State Cinema Kilburn

The Gaumont State Cinema on Kilburn High Road opened 75 years ago. Inspired by the Empire State Building in New York, the bold lines of its tower still dominate Kilburn High Road today.… Continue reading

A Photo Tour of Kew Gardens

Coming back to London after being in Yorkshire over Christmas is never an easy transition so to offset my homesickness we spent the afternoon in Kew Gardens, which is about as green as… Continue reading

The Girl on the Bridge: Millennium Bridge, London

The Millennium Bridge in London is a striking representation of the barest bones of architecture: a steel skeletal suspension forging a connection not just between north and south London but between the progressive… Continue reading

Black Friday 100 years on: My stint as a Suffragette

Yesterday was my birthday and although I was spoilt rotten by those around me I spent a great portion of the evening doing the exact opposite of celebrating: commemorating. My birthday coincides with… Continue reading

Cranes and boats and trains: my day at the Docklands

I’m not sure what it is about the geometric lines of cranes, the billowing of chimney smoke or the hard hemming of iron fences but, at least as far as I’m concerned, there… Continue reading