Confessions of a Hootaholic: All the better to tweet you with

Hello, my name is Helen and I’m a Hootaholic… I want you to know: I wasn’t always a Hootaholic. At first I only dabbled with the soft stuff: listing loves on Myspace, uploading… Continue reading

Come Hither Cartoons: My search for the sexiest sketch

Recently I caught the tail-end (no pun intended) of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” -the film that secured all of those stunning BT adverts for Bob Hoskins. I’d forgotten just how much of a… Continue reading

This is my Teesside: ‘5 Reasons to Up The Boro!’

The majority of people I know view the smoky haze of Middlesbrough with deep disdain. Probably because these days the majority of people I meet are Southerners. They diss Middlesbrough based on whatever… Continue reading

My Adventures in China Town, NY

Whilst browsing fake Rolexes and Mucci (mock-Gucci) sunglasses on a Manhattan market stall I came across two baby turtles. They were being held captive in a very small, plastic box that had only… Continue reading

Paris Je T’aime: My day and night in the city of lights

My alarm sounded at 4:15am. The alarm on my phone plays a very bizarre, somewhat discordant song that sounds as though it was once the theme tune to a tragic 1980’s game show… Continue reading