The Girl on the Bridge: Millennium Bridge, London

The Millennium Bridge in London is a striking representation of the barest bones of architecture: a steel skeletal suspension forging a connection not just between north and south London but between the progressive… Continue reading

Postcards from Byland Abbey

Black Friday 100 years on: My stint as a Suffragette

Yesterday was my birthday and although I was spoilt rotten by those around me I spent a great portion of the evening doing the exact opposite of celebrating: commemorating. My birthday coincides with… Continue reading

My Notes on Berlin

As a city Berlin, particularly former East Berlin, is a slate wiped clean. It’s difficult to believe that beneath its smooth, reconstructed surface there is a rather raw and recent history of subjection,… Continue reading

Cranes and boats and trains: my day at the Docklands

I’m not sure what it is about the geometric lines of cranes, the billowing of chimney smoke or the hard hemming of iron fences but, at least as far as I’m concerned, there… Continue reading

(Subseviant and Simpering?) Sister Suffragette!

As a child I always remember feeling quite empowered when I watched Mary Poppins. I heartedly admired, and embarrassingly enough often mimicked, Mrs Banks prancing around the living room in Edwardian dress singing… Continue reading

True Romance Isn’t Dead: Lessons in Love in 2010

I have over time, collected my fair share of disgruntled, single friends who have seemingly spent the last ten years going on date after date with emotionally stunted ne’er-do-wells. What have I been… Continue reading

Vertical Stratigraphy

We played a game of vertical stratigraphy in the pub the other day. According to my “friend” these are the only layers I have.

A day in the life of a Windmill Hunter

If people such as Mr Majeika (Oh Hamish!), Emu and Jonathan Creek teach us anything it’s that deep down everybody wants to live in a windmill, or at the very least think windmills… Continue reading

Mr Frosty: Coming to terms with the Cold-War-For-Kids

Let’s admit it here and now: when the original Mr Frosty trundled his way onto our TV screens and we saw big gangs of beaming youngsters enjoying the wonders of crushed ice and… Continue reading